Industrial Visit

Industrial visits are an integral component of any technical course including engineering. It helps the student experience first-hand, what they have learnt in the classroom. During such visits, students are exposed to the real world where they get to know what engineering is all about, what their profession truly involves. It helps students understand the fundamental concepts and gain practical hands-on experience in the actual workplace. Practical training through observation and participation in working methods, interaction and employment modes helps students learn much better than just lectures.

Industrial visits make students aware about new technologies; and it is imperative that students remain up to date with technology development. Going to different companies and interacting with personnel there help them build strong relationships with them. Students are generally ignorant about the benefits provided by industrial visits, so they may not understand why it’s important.

But several experts have concluded after intensive studies that industrial visits are essential for a student’s all-round development. They opine that by observation of the workplace and clearing questions that popup in their minds from experienced employees, students will learn a lot more and be well equipped to face challenges at their workplace when they start working.