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IPIX Academy is the leading training institute for SEO, SMO, SEM and PPC in Calicut. In the lase decade, digital marketing has gained immense popularity and is a much sought-after profession in IT. You can realize your dream of a career in digital marketing by getting trained in this field at IPIX Academy.

IPIX Academy’s training course for SEO, SMO, SEM and PPC has been structured to make learning easy, fun and interesting. This course can be done by anyone who has completed B.Tach, CS, or indeed just any graduate who is passionate about computers and is interested in being part of the exciting marketing dynamics scenario.


Search Engine Optimization is more than just a tool, or science; it’s an exceptional skill that is used to endorse websites on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other websites, and to have high rankings on the search engine result pages or SERPs. Through our training program, we equip you with the potential of social networking; this will enable you to create communities related to your brand, and to connect people to your brand. This does not require specific technical know-how, but it is helpful to know about the internet and social media.


Search engine marketing or SEM, is one of several types of internet marketing. These activities are performed by companies for increasing site visibility and boosting the SERP rankings. Many people are still unaware of the full scope of SEM. It comprises SEO, paid placements, context advertisements, and paid advertisements. At IPIX we train you with the aim of getting you thorough with all these devices and strategies that will get your brand into the first few SERPs.


Pay-per-click has a very high demand now. It goes without saying that being trained in this strategy is like getting a one way ticket to career success. At IPIX Academy we train you in such a way that you will be able to plan and design your ad campaigns for bringing improved results and increased sales for your brand. The PPC training program for marketing is a sequence of bundled solutions for equipping you with the skills to control as well as sustain the PPC campaigns effectively.


Social media optimization (SMO) refers to the utilization of social media networks, online groups, forums and so on for creating brand awareness among consumers, increase the site visibility and to get more following. Here we offer practical training on components like RSS feeds, social news, bookmarking sites, blogging sites and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. SMO and SEM are similar in the sense that the chief objective is to drive more traffic, enhance brand reputation and boost site visibility.


  • Receive training from expert industry professionals
  • Placement centric training
  • Assistance with preparation for interviews
  • Superior lab facility with assistance
  • Provision of experience certificate
  • Greater focus on emergent trends as well as existing industry techniques
  • Wide array of courses
  • Materials prepared by us
  • Opportunity for employment with several of our associates


  • Sessions for overall personality development
  • Leadership development activities
  • Interpersonal relationship development skills training
  • Communication across various employee levels within the organization
  • Managing stress
  • Team building activities and group dynamics
  • Handling performance evaluation sessions
  • Time management skills and multitasking

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